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About Us

We are here to train, care, sell and give pets out for adoption . Need your pets fed while you're away? Need to adopt some pets? Need to teach an old dog new tricks? Contact us here.


Our services include sales and give pets out for adoption training, daily walks, feeding, playing with your pet, grooming, and clean-up. You can rely on us whether you’re away for a few days or weeks. We also provide daily dog-walking services. And we are just a bark, meow, or chirp away!

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Wir haben sowohl männliche als auch weibliche Welpen zur Annahme .. sie sind gute Haustiere zu Hause und wird eine ausgezeichnete Meister machen .. Der Preis und das Geld ist nicht das Problem, aber du liebst und Zeit mit ihnen zu teilen wird, ist noch wichtiger.

*We have both male and female puppies for adoption.. they are good home pets and will make an excellent champion.. The price and money is not the problem, but you love and time you will share with them is more important.


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